903 North La Cienega Boulevard
The world’s sexiest restaurant The Observer



*Menu offered every night from 5:30pm-close in the bar and lounge only


Snacks - $6


Spicy Edamame

Peruvian Corn Edamame

Okra with Spicy Ponzu



Small Plates - $9

Oysters with Nobu Sauces

Baby Elote with Yuzu Dry Miso Aioli

Nobu Style Sashimi Tacos

(Choice of Tuna, Salmon or Vegetable)

Umami Style Chicken Wings - 3 Pcs.

Salt & Pepper Squid Amazu Ponzu with Watermelon


Small Plates - $12

Yellowtail or Salmon Tartar with Caviar

Spicy Tuna Nori Cups

Salmon with Karashi Su Miso

Wagyu, Lobster or White Fish Tacos

"Fish & Chips" Nobu Style

Scallop with Truffle Panko Crust


Small Plates - $15

Albacore Truffle Dry Miso

Sea Bass Miso Jalapeno Cups

Matsuhisa Sliders

(Choice of Wagyu, Seafood, or Vegetarian)

Rokkotsu Aji Limo Miso



Sushi - $8

Salmon Avocado

Spicy Tuna Roll

Yellowtail Scallion


Nigiri - $8

Daily Nigiri 2 Pc.




Please note:  Our menu and prices are subject to change.