19 Old Park Lane
Quite simply the best Japanese food in London. Marco Pierre White






  Nobu Special






Abuelo 7 years Rum, Crème de Figue


Rasberry Puree and Fresh Pear Juice




  Japanese Style Bloody Mary  


Iceberg Vodka, Wasabi, Tonkatsu Sauce

and Fresh Tomato Juice





 Shiso Pimms


Hendricks Gin, Ume Shu, Fresh Fruits, topped up with Lemonade 




 Vanilla & Apple Mojito


Vanilla pod Infused Iceberg Vodka, Fresh Lime Juice, Fresh Mint, Vanilla syrup and Fresh Apple Juice




 Pear & Cinnamon Mojito


Havana Club 3 years Rum, Fresh Lime Juice, Fresh Mint, Cinnamon Syrup and Fresh Pear Juice



 Raspberry Cooler


 Iceberg Vodka, Rasberry and Chambord Liquor, Fresh Lime Juice



 Kyoto Champagne


Hokusetsu Junmai Sake, Lychee Liquor,

Fresh Lychee Juice,Topped with Champagne



  Passion Colada


 Havana Club 3 years Rum, Coconut Puree, Passion Fruit Juice and syrup.


Mini Martini Bellini

£17 for 3 Cocktails



Peach and Apricot


Peach puree, Apricot puree, Vouvray.



Passion Fruit and Mango


Passion Fruit Puree, Mango puree, Vouvray



Blueberry and Raspberry


Blueberry puree, rspberry puree, Vouvray



Nobu Martini



Matsuhisa Martini


 Blackwoods Cucumber Vodka or Tanqueray Gin, Hokusetsu Junmai Sake and Ginger





Iceberg Vodka, Sake, Plum Wine, Cointreau, Fresh Grapefruit & Cranberry Juice



Sake Rock Pear Martini


Nobu Special Reserve 28, fresh Pear Juice, yuzu juice, Agave Syrup



Yuzu martini


Iceberg Vodka, Hendricks gin, Junmai Sake, Yuzu Juice, Yuzu jam 



Lychee Martini


Iceberg Vodka, Lychee Liqueur and Fresh Lychee Juice



 Cucumber & Shiso Martini


Hendricks Gin, Shiso, Cucumber, Lemon juice



Japanese Margarita


Red Chilli infused Sake and Shoshu, Cointreau, Lime Juice and Agave Syrup



 Apple Martini


 Iceberg Vodka, Apple Liqueur, Fresh Apple Juice and Puree, Honey Syrup




 Green Tea Martini



Blackwoods Cucumber Vodka, Green Tea, Green Tea Syrup Calpico and Fresh Lime Juice



Watermelon Martini


Iceberg Vodka, Shoshu, Watermelon Juice, Watermelon Syrup




 All Cocktails £14.00 


£2.50 will be added to all Premium Martinis






*All Prices in British Pounds-Prices are inclusive of VAT